Image by Annie Spratt


Image by Annie Spratt


Will my child cry?

Parents should expect that there will be some crying during this process. People as a whole tend to not like change, especially when it comes to our sleeping environment and routines that prepare us for bedtime. Because of this, making a big change to anyone's current sleep habits will definitely be met with some protest.


However, I will never ask you to leave your child alone to cry. Instead, I will equip you with tools to gently calm your child and support them while teaching them independent and soothing sleep strategies.

My top priority, aside from getting your child sleeping through the night, is achieving it in a way that you are comfortable with and that best supports your child's needs. 

Can I co-sleep with my child and still do sleep training?

The short answer to this is no. This program is intended to foster independent sleep skills for children and allowing your child to co-sleep with you during this time would interfere with what we are working to accomplish. 

Why should I use your program vs. all of the other sleep training options out there?

Great question! My methods are based on the very successful Sleep Sense Program, which uses gentle and effective approaches for teaching your child independent sleep skills. The great thing about this program is that each sleep plan is fully customized to what you and your family feel comfortable with.

With this program, I also provide 2-3 weeks of follow up support that you would not find by simply picking up a book or taking an online course. I will stick with you until your sleep goals have been met! 

What if I don't live in West Michigan?

You can still work with me! Thanks to modern technology, all of my consultations are completed via phone or video chat.

I have twins or triplets - can I still use your sleep training program?


My child goes to daycare - can I still use your sleep training program?

Yes! Children can normally keep daycare and their home life separate. We might take a look at what the policies are at daycare and see if the daycare provider is able to help out at all, but regardless, we can still continue the plan at home.

What is the success rate for your program?

As long as you make a commitment to follow the instructions that I outline for you in the sleep plan, I can promise that your child will be sleeping through the night at the end of it all!

For each child, the process and the length of time might look a little bit different, but we will achieve your sleep goals regardless!